Post Graduate Diploma in Operations Management

Operations management is the key to achieving competiveness in any manufacturing or service industry. It addresses many aspects that an organization may face with respect to choice of products and manufacturing technology, utilization of capacity, maintenance of quality, costing and sourcing of materials and dealing with customers. It is a systematic approach to address all the issues pertaining to the transformation process that converts some inputs into output that are useful, and could fetch revenue to the organization.

Therefore, to run any business profitably, calls for all the operations and functions to be executed with utmost effectiveness. Innate ability to conduct business procedures and activities with competence, in order to execute within the given time and budget, demonstrates the job of an able operations manager. Controlling and coordinating between different departments, creating reports and analyzing them are the core business areas that can be classified as operations. Thus, operations management is one of the essential functions of any organization. The program aims at training eligible personnel to deliver excellent services at low cost and minimum time, to develop change agents having the adequate competencies and mindsets for creating a rich culture of operational dexterity at the workplace.

Course Content

  • Management theory and practice
  • Management principles, practices and organizational dynamics
  • Accounting finance for managers
  • Financial management and planning
  • Operations management
  • Project management
  • Managerial economics
  • Quantitative techniques for managerial applications
  • Entrepreneurship development
  • Inventory management
  • Logistics management
  • Research paper/dissertation

Training Format:

  • All materials are made available through our Online Learning Platform
  • Students should commit approximately 5-6 hours of their time per week

Materials Provided:

Online delivery of curriculum materials, exercises and templates.


In order to demonstrate their understanding of the course content, students will be required to submit assignments at the end of every month.

Regions Targeted: Global
Courses Fees €1500

To register for the course, contact:

The Director of Admissions
Strategia, Netherlands
The Hague, Netherlands

Tel: +31 616950 384


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