Fighting Fraud in NGOs Course (6 weeks)

From behavior to prevention, cover multiple aspects of anti-corruption for INGOs and NGOs.



Built from a base of experience of what fraud is (and isn’t), this course explains the motivations for why even good people commit fraud. You’ll build the skills and confidence as an NGO and INGO staff member to prevent fraud, detect it, and manage incidences effectively. You’ll leave this course with the knowledge, tools, and resources you need for INGO and NGO anti-corruption.

What will you learn

  • Describe the five elements of a holistic Anti-Fraud framework
  • Identify the required content of key anti-fraud policies and processes
  • Assess fraud risk in your programs, and develop controls to respond to the risks
  • Set up and provide guidance for a Fraud Response Team in your organization
  • Effectively manage incidences of fraud, or allegations of fraud, taking actions which are appropriate, fair and firm

Who should attend

  • NGO staff whose job is to proactively manage the risk of fraud, such as program operations, and finance managers
  • Independent auditors or CPAs who perform compliance or financial audits within the development sector

This course is most relevant to NGOs with more than 12-15 staff.


How will you learn

Strategia Netherlands’s self-directed and focused trainings put the learner first. Connect and engage with peers from around the world, while learning through a series of engaging videos, assignments and readings. An expert facilitator will guide you.

The platform is open for a set number of weeks, and you can log-in to work at your own pace whenever convenient. You’ll find our learning platform easy to navigate, with clear guides and instructions.

Each week, the following module will become available. To proceed to the next module, you’ll need to earn points for completing various tasks (such as watching videos, reviewing resources, and interacting with others). The more tasks you complete, the more points you’ll earn.

We estimate this training requires 4 hours per module (5 modules in total), depending on your pace of learning, and previous experience.


Module 1

Start with an overview of key fraud concepts.


  • Defining fraud and bribery
  • Why do people commit fraud?
  • The 5-part holistic framework

Module 2

Strategies to reduce fraud incidents.


  • Strengthening fraud policy frameworks
  • Deterring fraud through contracts
  • Fraud policy tools: Checklist, template, and examples
  • Deterrence strategies

Module 3

Protecting and safeguarding assets.


  • Assessing and building partners’ capacity to fight fraud
  • Identifying areas of high-risk fraud
  • Designing out fraud risk in projects
  • Fraud prevention procedures and controls

Module 4

Finding fraud if it is there.


  • Tell-tale signs of fraud
  • Setting up a ‘Speaking-Up’ service
  • Using budget monitoring reports
  • Beneficiary accountability

Module 5

Handling it well and creating an anti-fraud environment.


  • Key actions in response to alleged fraud
  • Internal and external communications
  • Key elements in a fraud investigation
  • Taking appropriate actions and documenting learning
  • Integrating anti-fraud thinking
  • Dealing with staff resistance


Upon completion, Strategia Netherlands provides a certificate of attendance for this course.

Pricing and Discounts

   The total fees for this Course is 500 Euros per Person

Strategia Netherlands encourages teams to attend this course together.

We offer a 10% discount for groups of 5 or more to attend this course.


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