Managing and leading people is a challenge that requires wisdom and skills that must be learned and practiced over time. This leadership and management course is designed for individuals who want to strengthen their management capabilities and increase their career prospects in ever-changing organizations. The course targets experienced managers who want to strengthen their managerial and leadership skills and those who aspire to become effective managers and leaders in different sectors of development. The course offers practical examples on how to handle management challenges in an organization and how skills such as teamwork, team management, decision making, personal leadership, time management, and effective communication skills can help one to deal with challenging and normal and situations.

Course Units
o Defining leadership and Management
o Process of management and Leadership
o Who is a leader
o Role of a manager
o Time management
o Managing for Results and Managing strategically
o Management systems and Processes
o Managing Performance
o Management skills
o Change Management
o Personal Development
o Leaders and stress Management
o Organizational dynamics
o Understanding and Organization
o Decision making and Problem Solving
o Leadership and Team Building
o Organizational development
o The Process of Change
o Customer Relations
o Delivering Customer Care Service
o Creativity and Innovation
o Quality Management

The course targets experienced organizational managers such as project managers, supervisors, project officers, supervisors, and administrative officers as well as other aspiring positions of management and leadership in a development organization.

This Six-month course is offered through a distance learning approach.

Course Period:  Six Months ( Course starts on 1st of Every Month)
Course Level: Diploma in Leadership and Management 
Course Amount €1000

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Email: info@strategianetherlands.nl
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