Certificate in Accounting and Book-keeping

Course Overview:

Maintaining accounting and financial records is one of the most basic yet critical functions of a good business. This course covers the fundamentals of book-keeping for those who wish to pursue it as a career, as well as for entrepreneurs who want to manage their own books in a more professional manner.


Course Objectives

Any conventional accounting student who goes through this course must be the end of the study be able to;

  • Correctly interpret financial information, correctly classify it and know which accounts they affect.
  • Visualize the effects of all these accounting entries to the overall financial statement.
  • Understand how to operate the double entry concept of accounting and how this assists to ensure that transactions are correctly classified and well shown in the financial statements.


Course Outline:

  • Conceptual framework of accounting.
  • Accounting as an information system.
  • Users of financial information.
  • Recording financial information and Double entry treatment of transactions.
  • Preparation of Financial statements
  • Ethics in reporting financial information.





After they have read the material for each unit, students are expected to test their own Learning by completing some relevant exercises and tasks.



In order to demonstrate their understanding of the course content, students will be required to submit three assignments.


Course duration: 3 months

Course fee: €500

Regions targeted: Global


Training format:

All materials are made available through our online learning platform

Language: English and French

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Email: info@strategianetherlands.nl
Website: www.strategianetherlands.nl

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